Our exclusive paint protection product is developed and manufactured to offer both new and used vehicles increased protection from the elements – allowing your vehicle to remain in as new condition for the duration of ownership.

All images shown throughout this website are from work completed by Paint Protection Australia.

New Car Paint Protection.

Paint Protection Australia is passionately committed to delivering the best possible results by visually enhancing the appearance of your vehicle as well as improving the overall comfort and safety.

Our reactive paint protection treatment is heat activated and applied by machine to create a high-gloss protective barrier that repels airborne contaminants, allowing your vehicle to remain as new with increased durability in-between maintenance washes.

All paint protection applications are applied by our accredited on-site installers – all of which have extensive knowledge and expertise in multi-stage machine polishing and paintwork enhancement.

We understand the importance of protecting your vehicle – thats why all our new car protection applications + new car window tint installations installed within our Approved Network* come with Lifetime Warranty*.