We are passionately committed to providing professional results that last – so we’re confident you’ll soon realise your new vehicle is protected by one of the most trusted vehicle aftercare installers in the industry.

All images shown throughout this website are from work completed by Paint Protection Australia.

New Car Protection.

Complete new car protection is exactly how it sounds – we completely detail and protect all compatible interior leather + fabric surfaces and exterior paintwork + bodywork-trim and wheels!

Quality control across all Paint Protection Australia services is completed to the highest possible standard throughout your vehicle.

All accredited on-site installers are professional detailers – one of the key differences we focus on is that we treat vehicle preparation and application as equally important car detailing processes. This enables us to consistently deliver professional results with the absolute confidence you’ll be completely satisfied.

We understand the importance of protecting your vehicle – thats why all our new car protection applications + new car window tint installations installed within our Approved Network* come with Lifetime Warranty*.